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We tackle 100% local issues.

Latest news and stories

  1. Community Builders
  2. May 2022 storm
  3. Move for Youth
  4. Rural Strategy
  1. Photo collage of people, families, kids getting active as part of Move for Youth



We’ve been awarded top marks by Charity Intelligence.

  1. I want to…

    help people in crisis.

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  2. I want to…

    support newcomers.

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  3. I want to...

    celebrate diversity.

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  4. I want to…

    fuel inclusion.

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  5. I want to…

    end hate and violence.

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  6. I want to…

    make sure every kid graduates.

    Donate now

  7. I want to…

    end youth homelessness.

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  8. I want to…

    show my local love.

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  9. I want to…

    help seniors thrive.

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